Flexvis $FLX

The crypto rare gem


Flexvis is a cryptocurrency that provides utility functions and insurance protocol to protect investors funds and prevent investment loss. It is fully decentralized and provides realistic profit that allows investors to make money while enjoying their social time online. It is a rare gem on the blockchain considering the newly introduced insurance protocol for an insured investment.
Flexvis allow investor to flex their investment and earn more using the FlexGame, FlexMetaverse and SocialFlex platform.


Our vision is to create a project that can protects people’s investment and gives realistic profit while enjoying their social time online inorder to improve transparency and trust in the crypto space.


Our mission is to protect investors funds and investments and also to reward investors using our services such as FlexGame, FlexMetaverse and SocialFlex.As well as to provide mechanisms and techniques to reduce investment risks on our platform.


Check below pages to understand how we carefully designed the Flexvis project

FLEXVIS is more than a token

Flexvis is designed to support utility functions using the FlexGame, SocialFlex and FlexMetaverse. It is more than just a token because it is fully decentralized and secured on the blockchain with millions of users performing daily transaction on the FlexGame, SocialFlex and FlexMetaverse platforms with high rewarding profits.