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Regular Investment

Flexvis regular Investment is a type of investment that is popularly used on the blockchain and follow the normal smart contract protocol that work with the crypto market condition.

How does this work?

Regular investment does not protect your funds and you are exposed to higher investment risks.
It works by giving you reward on your invested FLEXVIS based on our reward plan and your total return that is withdrawn can be valued at the current market price of FLEXVIS/BNB or FLEXVIS/BUSD.
We recommend the use of our insured investment plan to protect your funds and investments which requires just paying an additional 10% of your invested FLEXVIS token and make sure you don’t run at loss.

For Example

If you invest 100 FLEXVIS for 30 days you are expected to get a 4% bonus provided that your investment is already matured before ending it. 

4% of 100 FLEXVIS is 4 FLEXVIS meaning that you get an extra 4 FLEXVIS with your principal after 30 days. However, if after 30 days, the price of Flexvis goes down or goes up, you only get back 102 FLEXVIS. It is constant.